The Minute Method to Quit Smoking


It's Sunday, and you decide to follow this method.

On Monday you smoked your first cigarette at 08:00 before driving to work. This means that on Tuesday, you may not smoke until 08:01. All you have to do, is wait one freaking minute. After that, blow you mind with all the smokes you want. The next day, Wednesday, your first cigarette may be lit after 08:02, so you’ll have to wait another minute compared to Tuesday and a whopping 2 minutes compared to Monday.

In the first few days you might be still able to have your cherished morning cigarette before driving off to work. But perhaps after 10 days (which means you first smoke is not due until 08:10) it may become problematic to reach work in time. You may then decide to smoke in the car, smoke right after you arrive, show up late for work or don't work at all. I don't care if you get fired, but you must stick to the schedule.

After a month, your first smoke is not until 08:30. After two months, your first smoke will be at 09:00. You may start to count down to this moment from about 08:30. But between 08:00 and 8:30, a period in which you used to smoke, you will have completely forgotten about smoking. Because you have decimated this habit - minute by minute.

And so it goes on, minute by minute and year by year. After a while, you will have become a noon-smoker, then an evening-smoker and then, depending on your bedtime, you only smoke at night.

During this period you will encounter some challenges. Diner, work, journeys, sport (?) and social events might sometimes follow up on the first smoking moment, and sometimes it will end up right in the middle.

We are now approaching the end of the method, and the beginning of a smokefree you. The last minute is now starting to align with your bedtime. You can stay up later so you can still have one more smoke. Tomorrow too. But at a certain point, your will want to go to sleep before your smoke minute will expire. It will be you first day during which you have not smoked at all. Congratulations.

So now you are starting to have smoke free days. You still might have a coupe of days where you got to bed later than normal (a party perhaps) and you suddenly find yourself at a time again in which you may smoke. Feel free to do so. These are some of the last cigarettes you'll ever have.