World within a world

This is who I am
This is where I live
Not much Iím asking
Not much I can give
Nothing excessive
More than enough to get by
Iím on a need-to-know basis
and donít have questions why

So whatís this feeling
This unrest inside
Missing out on something
More than meets the eye
They say itís a landslide
That it could change our ways
Unless I fail to notice
And everything stays the same

Yeah, falling in somewhere in between the state I am in
Yeah, falling in somewhere in between the state I am in

A world within a world
That rips your mind apart
Uncertainty for sure
And a dualistic heart

A framework to go by
A promise of quite something
Stranger than we can imagine
but I wasnít imagining
And theyíre making my sky
bigger than Iíll ever see
wrapped in dark matter
But should it matter to me?

Will I still be standing
after the gravitons fall?
Supposed to carry this
or to make sense of it all
Is tomorrow set in stone?
Is there a place for heaven?
Now that weíre pulling our own strings
in dimension eleven

Falling into uncertainty
Yeh, so where is my eternity?

I rush to appointments
in infinite time
I measure distance
of cosmic lines

I shine a flashlight
between a billion suns
Iíd go back and change things
but have they all begun?