I cannot seem to go
where I want to
and I donít seem to know
what the others do

Iíve tales to tell
Ideas to share, eyes to see
I scream out loud
But no one seems to ... hear me

Disconnected soul
A world passing by
All know where to go
I feel set aside

Closed my eyes
And floated high above my town
Eyes look up
Can they see me now?

I am undetected
Live in the space between
I am unselected
I am unseen
Can you see me standing?
Can you touch my hand?
Lost behind the shadows
of my own gray land

I donít know where to go
Can you help me sort this out?
Can you see my path in front of me?
Can you see my path?
Is there a shining light ahead?
Iím now lost in the darkness of my head

Feels so lonely now
Cannot reach you
Not in my circle of influence
No matter what I do

I must rise
And I no longer care how
taste of blood and tears
Can you - see me now

I live in the space between
I cannot be seen