The third life

Iíve been looking for the answers
Looking for a place to stay
And a sense of direction
To get me through the day

Iíve been looking for a meaning
A meaning of this life
But itís not about the answers
But whether they satisfy

It feels like am I running
Like itís too much to bare
Scared and ungrateful

Waiting in the waiting room
for a man to call my name
This will all be ending soon
And the fear will go away

Into the third life
Where all my sorrows and fears are gone
This time weíll get it right
In a place where we belong

Into the third life
It feels like I lost my mind
But Iím taking it with me
To the best place I could find

And the planets keep revolving
Endless circles round the sun
And creatures keep evolving
Just like theyíd always done

So now a new beginning
Shame becomes undone
All a new nirvana
Let the kingdom come

I walk through the gateway
Sends a shiver down my spine
Cold yet peaceful

Across the point of no return
Itís time for something else
Canít expect the world to change
If I wonít change myself