Straightjacket vs Individual

The world is getting darker
Friends are hard to find
The pressure is getting constant
Evil is leading the blind

Being pushed in this direction
I don't wan't to go
Maybe it's a good thing
Maybe I should embrace it
But somehow it feels all wrong now
Though it used to feel okay
Accepting what was normal
But now my heart has changed

And this is not how I wanted things to be
And this is not really working for me
And this is not the future I had planned
This body aches, this world chokes a man

It never used to be this way
It never was this hard
The pressure building up fast
Knowing it will start
The terror building up inside
Though I can't stay away
Feels like my heart just skipped a beat
I have to find a way

I can not fight this feeling
I can not break away
The fear of dread inside
The constant threat today
My eyes have now opened
They're showing me the truth
I'm facing all my demons
I'm letting myself go

Now I know where this road has taken me
Now I know what I must do to break free
And now I know what the future has in store
My body's ready
I'm prepared for war

I've come to win the battle
I've come to win the fight
I'm never gonna give up
Even if I die here
For all the world to see
I'm gonna stand up right
I'm gonna take a chance
I'm gonna win this fight

All eyes are now upon you
They're calling out your name
Everyone is watching
How you play the game
To keep your soul from dying
You have to play their game
See through all their lying
You'll never be the same
You'll never be the same

I looked at the others
Just so I could see
Why they tried to pull me down
But they were struggling just like me
No one ever asked for this
We all feel restrained
Settling for the best of the worst
But who will find another way

If you want me to play
By all means let it be so
I will play along with this
But I have to make some rules of my own