Staring at Utopia

Been a long time coming
We gave our minds, lives and blood
Been a long time coming
before everything was understood

a long time coming
Doubts fade away
been a long time coming

Ally by definition
As we don't have enemies
Purged our borderlines
and melted our war machines

We filled the valleys
With the dirt from the mountains
Been a long time coming

Now we become like royalties
Get bored with ourselves
Now we live in solitude
Right beside everyone else

I must break out, I must break free
A step forwards back in time
It's not too late, there's still time

Caught in cold a place that's trapped in it's dreams
In the end Iíll just get back here it seems
But without a goal
I become frozen

So we find ourselves staring at utopia
Standing still with our heads hanging down
All in all just a slight disappointment
Hunger for relief - thereís nothing to be found

feels like weíre floating
Flying over the promised land
Tweaking the final touch
Built it just the way we planned

Time is in our pockets
space is in our hands
So itís all forever

We are omnipotent
Consuming milestones
Thinking omniscient thoughts
And consider them done

Flushed with arrogance
We walk besides ourselves
And we will forever

Hmm, suddenly it all falls out of place

By getting all that we wanted
We gave away part of ourselves
Cursed or blessed with a lust for progression

Everything about me needs to get a move on
A question follows every answer that we give
So we have to keep on working, we keep on working

so we have to keep on working