From Deep Within

Every single evening
After all the work is done
I open my treasure chest

polish till my nails bleed
Rearrange the order
Euphoric bliss
at least while it lasts

I think thatíll l spend a whole lifetime this way
As long as glittering gold and diamonds stay

But thereís a splinter in my side
Dissolves a diamondís light
Alone into the night

Look what I am holding in my arms
How the sun touches the skin
Nothing but spirits were before
it grew from deep within

Everything from this moment on
And from what was before
Glad to be damned if I donít cause
itís not just about me anymore

I will sleep through anything
Even the cityís constant roar
But Iím awake when you whisper to me

My back is lodged in lightning
My body aches and wears down fast
But I climb up to you easily

You sure turned my whole life upside down
But the downside up just makes more sense right now

My own attempts rejected
None of my plans connected
But now itís perfected

Can you open your eyes?
Will you walk into my arms?
Can you stay with me?
Will you rule the world?