Captive Dreams

Scary thoughts are in my head
Scary thoughts of what people have said
Scary thoughts they crowd my mind
I'm afraid to try too scared to shine

In this place
There's only night
No light of day
To help you fight
No one here
Has ever seen the sun
So these scary thoughts have become too strong

I don't think of love anymore
Where the hell has that gone?
Same goes for hope I believe
They probably both left long ago

Every night
These thoughts just come
They fill my mind
All night long
Scary thoughts
They steal my pride
I'm too scared to sleep
Trying to hide

In here in my mind
The walls are closing in
Even though you try to come through
You can not rescue me

My dreams are gone
Nightmares remain
Somehow there here
Here to stay
No more hope
And no more light
The dark has won the battle tonight

Dark foul twisted deeds
Locked in captive dreams