Blink of an eye

It's raining
and the rivers flood the streets
Getting everybody wet
But not him
He's got a roof over his head

let's go outside
into the rain
He's not afraid
a new day awaits

So with his bare hands
He built a house to live
and shelter from the wind and the rain
A simple job
But it keeps him in the game

Dare he think this?
Could this be true happiness?
Learned to live on the little things
Like the smell of her skin
and the first sunlight of spring

I try not to ask for much
try not to break too much
At least the road ahead appears to be paved
May not be a president
May not be your savior
At least I know that I need not be saved

Sudden bright flash
from out of nowhere
Pain in my chest
please - not like this

In the blink of an eye
Towers crumble
Worlds fall down
Just a moment passes by
Strong men stumble
All up in smoke
Plans collide

But will a life with all the promises
Still be worth living?

The agony
What a dreadful clue to find
What a sarcastic joke of life
The irony
of leaving all this behind

Never asked a question
Never feared his life
Never doubt the outcome
With confidence inside

And the bullet split his mind
His thoughts against a wall
And the minute that he died
He thought he knew it all

And his soul searched heaven
He wept for mankind
There was nowhere to turn to
and nothing to leave behind