A Hundred Reasons

I should not stay here long
Or surrender to my own thoughts
It feels like if I succumb to this
My sanity may end up lost

I'm standing in a hollow space
The floor decays beneath me
A light comes shining through the dark
And points the way out of here

Today I finally stopped searching
Holding the answer in my hands
Gladly live without a purpose
'Cause now I truly understand

I stopped searching
a hundred reasons
to love this life

Slowly but surely
the landmarks faded from the map
Wading along is just not the same
Without the safety nets I had

Dismissed all deities
As long as I'm among the living
And reincarnation
What's to give and what if I don't?
Dismissed as charity
How much will I end up giving?
Depleted revelation

So meticulously crafted
A clockwork turning endlessly
This cannot be without reason
One of these wheels must be me