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This is a showcase of the various projects I have been involved in, most of which are games. If you somehow missed the legal terms for this section, click here before continuing.

SuperCross Kings Stadium Edition
Type: 3D motorcross Developer: The Dawn Producer: Pure Entertainment
A really fast and smooth motorcrossgame. The beta's I played were really great fun. It will be available for FREE at freeloader within a few months, so get it! The music I created is a combination between techno, jazz and fusion. These songs were written for XG, but should also get through nicely using a GM synth.
  • Come and play (intro theme)
  • Groove Bike
  • Assets
  • Phoenix stadium
  • Tokio stadium
  • Sydney stadium
  • Paris stadium
  • Milan stadium
  • Las Vegas stadium
  • Shifting Gear
  • Rubber tear
  • Dirt King
  • It's all comming back to me now
  • credits

    Type: 2D shooter Developer: Miraesoft Producer: vacant
    Miraesoft is developping a construction Kit for games, enabling anyone to create their won 2d action games. Final Countdown was intended to be the enclosed demonstration. It is somewhat unsure as to have far things have progressed. Please refer to the Miraesoft website for furhter details. This is the most aggresive, pumping game music in old school style I have ever created.
  • Blast off (intro theme)
  • Main menu
  • Menu 2
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6 - This song will kill you
  • Game over
  • Victory
  • Credits

  • Igor and the Time Machine
    Type: Puzzle game Developer: M. Elmer Producer: vacant
    A cute puzzle game that greatly expands the classic 'Boulder Dash' game. Aside from falling rocks, the player has to cope with several dangers, such as bombs, traps and bonusses. Looks funky, and has a cute robot on a single wheel as main character.
    This entire soundtrack is one of my personal favorites, because it is energetic without being nervous, happy without being cheesy and everything just runs smoothly.
  • Free Robot (Intro theme)
  • All 4 nothing (Game over)
  • Problem Solved (Victory tune - contains a gimmick concerning a certain Dream Theater CD...)

  • Totally Inept
    Type: motion picture Developer: G. Fisher Producer: G. Fisher
    Totally inept is a short movie comedy series about a cook. It was created for internet online display, but apperantly it never really came down to that.
    For the soundtrack i needed to depart from my main style a bit and create some wacky out of the ordinary tunes. A version with added lyrics is also available. Lyrics and vocals courtesy of Sharleen Joynt, Ryan Hall and George Fisher. All clips are in mp3 format.
  • Intro theme
  • Outro theme
  • Symphonic edit
  • Outro with lyrics & vocals

  • Happy Birthday remixes
    Type: Postcard accompaniment Developer: A free greetingcard Producer:
    I was approached to make three contemporary versions of the Happy Birthday tunes for a digital greeting card company. Luckily I was given some creative space, and the following versions were the result:
  • Happy Birthday (Classic)
  • Happy Birthday (Techno)
  • Happy Birthday (New age)

  • Smaller projects

    Gravity Game
    This is a feelgood tune I wrote for Nancy and her website. It is a moving piece with plenty of variation and a general strong flow in it.
    MIDI version

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