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Landscape is the name of let's say a virtual band. It is music written together with my good friend Dennis. He plays guitar, I play bass and together we program drums and synths on my gear to complete the songs. This page serves to showcase some clips on how it is comming along. I thought you might be interested because it is a very smooth mix of real and synthesized instruments.

If I had only two words to describe the music it would be symphonic rock. I is quite inspired by our favorite band Dream Theater. Still, this project provides a unique outlet for our musical experiments and tastes. There are literally no bounderaries in what is acceptable and what is not, so as a consequence everything has rather unusual in terms of structure, progression and instrumentation. It is turning out as slighly dreamy rock with some very sharp edges.

Right now this is simply something we do for fun. We aim to finish at least one demo CD, and after that we'll see what happens. Most likely we'll just keep this is something fun and simple. However, we will start looking for a singer soon, because neither of us are quite up to that. So if you like the sound of the mp3 clips and thing you could add some vocals to that, please give us a mail. It is already very computer based, so adding vocals send via email from a distant country should work just fine and will be an interesting experiment on itself as well. Most likely we'll take care of the lyrics and vocal melody.

Music clips

Below are a couple of clips of our work. These are all pretty preliminary mixes, but do they provide some idea of the stuff we are making. All are mp3 formats at 64kbps.

Clip 1 (from untitled song)
Clip 2 (from 'In Transit')
Clip 3 (from untitled song)
Clip 4 (from untitled song)


Here are some photo's from the 'band', including its virtual drummer and keyboard player.

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