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This is a summary of my music gear and how I use it, as well as schematics on how it is wired together. It is intended for midiots/audiophiles out there. I plan to have some reviews up soon.

Synths MIDI Recording
Roland JV-1010 synth module
Korg NX5r synth module
BOSS DS-330 synth module
Edirol PCR-50 keyboard controller
Midiman Sport 4x4 MIDI interface
Red5Audio RV8 condensor mic
Johnson J-station amp-modeller
KRK RP-5 monitors
Behringer MX1604a mixer
Focusrite Trakmaster
TL Audio Fatman fat1
Computer Software
AMD XP 24000/512DDR
M-audio Delta 66 soundcard
Labway Xwave5000
Cakewalk SONAR 4
Steinberg PLEX
PSP Vapor
PSP Adrenaline
PSP Stormbreakz
Plugsound Drums & Percs
Plugsound World of synths
Zero-G Morphology
Novation V-station
Luxonix Ravity (S)
Virsyn Tera 2.0
and a pile of freeware stuff

This stuff is complemented by Sony MDR-CD480 and MDR-V100 headphones, an old pioneer amplifier and an even older JVC tapedeck. I have two seperat pairs of speakers (lo-fi and intermediate) for comparison reference.


Normally I'd just say "I use a computer", but now that I have built one from scratch myself I am a little too proud for that. See here it is: my homemade PC. yes, with one of those macho blue lights in it:

Sweex Xenon XB
AMD XP 2400+
Thermaltake volcano 9
2x Dane-Electric 256mb DDR (128-bit)
Maxtor 9 liquid 120 GB + 80 GB backupdrive
Sapphire Atlantis Pro 9600 128 MB video
Terratec EWX 24/96

If you would like to ask questions about my gear then please feel free. i always try to answer and help anyone as much as I can. I also would like to get in contact with fellowusers of my equipment.

More pictures from the iO Music studio (aka my room):

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