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This is an overview of some of my compositions that I made 'just for fun' or for non-commercial products. If you follow a few simple and obvious rules, you are free to download and free to use them for whatever you may need it for! The conditions for doing so are described in the legal stuff section. Below is the leganda of icons.

Listen to the GM/GS MIDI version. Use this if you don't know what it all means.
Listen to the XG MIDI version.
Listen to the MP3 AUDIO version. This gives the best impression of the music, so if you have a choice, choose the mp3 version. These are not simply recordings of MIDI versions but contain lots of extras and better (non-GM) sounds.
A low quality preview mp3 collage is available. For the full version, order the CD or contact me as I may send it to you for free.
Available on CD. Click to order (other songs available on CD upon request).

IO Music Creations promo
Short but very hefty promo tune for IO Music Creations with a couple of my styles squeezed into 45 seconds.
Action, styles, provocative

Hello Sedna
Dedicated to the newly discovered planet 'Sedna' (2003 VB12). A spacey, dreamy tune.
Space, dream, relax, far-away, chill

Lucid Dream
A 15 minute epic through someone's lucid dream, containing joy, pleasure, fear, amazement, flight and confusement.
Dream, emotions, flight, strange, power, happiness, depression

The Brainsurgeon vs the Rocketscientist
No more mister niceguy! A very twisted, fast metal-like piece but with strength comming for synts, not guitars. Full of wrenching solos.
Fast, mad, twisted, synthmetal, experimental, energy, solo

Upbeat tune inspired by racing games.
Easy going, driving, funky, fresh

Chi Lost
Sort of a follow-up to 'Dragon Stance' (see below). Also an orential style thematic piece with two center melodies and action bits but slighly down, hence the name Chi Lost.
Oriental, martial arts, thematic, china, hero

Thematic electronic action. Reminded me a bit of those 80's tv-series themes like Airwolf, Knightrider, Miami vice and Blue Thunder. I think its a little bit more aggresive though and has a little bit more of my personal 'melange' mixed into it. Good for soundtrack/intro like applications.
Thematic, action, guitar, jetfighters, adrenaline, tough, excitement

Short piece written for a promotional clip for the museum of resistance during world war II.
unpretentious, calm, sensitive, mankind

This means war
Orchestral piece with a theme melody and various passages reflecting both the dredd as well as the surge of a man going to war. Medium slow paced to get power.
Heavy, dark, orchestra, theme, adrenaline

This is an ode to the game Unreal Tournament and the thousands of gamers that play it. It is an aggresive combination between trance/breakbeat and my own music style. It features original samples from the game. Oh and yes, I am the same guy that did 'home'.
fast, action, breakbeat, destruction

The Ice palace
A dreamy and icy piece that takes you through the palace. Many highs and newage effects used.
new-age, mystical, etheral

This is a passage from a large scale project I am working on involving the musical reflection of a dream. This is the phase in which a dreaming person has just entered sleep and is drifting of to the dreamscape of that night.
Mystical, dreamy, new-age

Fairly short but powerful composition. I originally intended it for an imaginary television series (hey.. inspiration has to come from somewhere!) but during its evolution it started going in another direction. It has a theme melody and some fairly realistic guitar solos. Carefully mixed and controlled.
Thematic, synthesizer, upbeat, action, variation

A sensitive slow-movement arrangement without bells and whistles for piano and violin. Benefits from a high quality piano tone. No quantizing used to maintain a human touch.
Sad, hope, sensitive, feelings, modest

The Raindrop
This is one of my most sophisticated compositions yet. It's the 'story' of a raindrop that fell into a rainforest. It slowly falls into a small pool... into a creek... into a river, only to end up in the mighty amazone and finally, the ocean. Wonder how that sounds?
New-age, epic, dreamy, force, expanding

A short but hefty tune that could only be named 'Victorious'. I used only orchestral instruments and even though it is very short, I think you'll feel much better when you have listened to this one.
Victory, conquest, classical, strong

Assassins in the Kingdom
Main theme for a retro 2d adventure game with knights and fantasy atmosphere. Graphics so far seem cartoon-esque. It promises to have an engrossing storyline, but when this is actually going to be completed I am not sure. I hope to compose more music for this game when time permits. For more info on this game visit my links section.
Medieval, classical, adventure, promised land

Water on Europa
This is a story about water being present beneath the ice sheets of Europa, a moon of Jupiter. And where there is water, life may evolve. I used the portamento effect to simulate 'animal' sounds. So, how does a creature on Europa sound?
New-age, dreamy, hypnotical, complex

Secrets of a Waterfall
While I was composing this, my girlfriend came walking in. She said the song sounded like a waterfall. She was right. Constant but never the same, mutliple moods, lasting, magical, powerful
Synthesizer, new-age, changing, strange

This must be my first arrangement which isn't drenched in doom atmosphere. An upbeat, powerful composition with a theme melody and plenty of variation.
Thematic, upbeat, changing

I wrote this track in co-operation with a creator of DOOM WAD files. He was creating deathmatch levels in Alien style, and needed gory, morbid, terrorized MIDI music to go with it. I delivered.
Gore, horror, suspense, adrenaline, tension

The Beast
A heavy, powerful track with some flavour of mystery and horror and a catchy melody. I just can't seem to keep those morbid notes away. This song is very popular and used by some people as homepage background music.
Horror, beast, suspense, thematic

Dragon Stance
This is some sort of oriental flavoured tune. By using typical china instruments like a panflute, koto and shamisen you easily get a 'ninja' tune. However, I did not use pentatonic scales, so I got an oriental tune with a more western feel to it. Anyway, it's a powerful tune with another one of those melodies which gets stuck in your head. I got many compliments for this one! Winner of the September 1999 TOSBBS contest.
Game-music, oriŽntal, thematic, upbeat

An oldy tune that featured on my first 'personal homepage'. It's not my best stuff, but some visitors really like it. It's kind of a hypnotic, sf-tune (with some techno?)
Upbeat, technical, electronic, moody

For more music visit the projects section (mind you those tracks are not free to use)

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