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Contracting... pah. That's a mighty big word. What I am trying to describe on this page is how you and I could work together.
But let me start by saying that I make music because I love it, and money making is by no means my goal.

Ever since I had a website up with some of my tunes online, I was approached by various amateur game developers that needed music for their latest quake mod or home made RPG. To see my music actually used in such projects was a great kick for me, and really a dream come true. I wrote music completely for free and I sometimes still do. However, since I am also involved in paid jobs I can afford to be a little more critical.

I have a regular daytime job, which means that I don't need to make a living out of music compositions (thank god!). All the above have generated my philosophy towards cooperating with anyone:

  • I only accept assignments that I can relate to - I must like the stuff the music is for.
  • I only charge money for commercial products. Non-commercial I do for free, as long I have time of course.

I am not an allround music writer. I consider my 'expertise' to be game music, epic scores, new-age, science fiction and atmospherics. I can also write contemporary music. I don't do polka, carnaval of silly pop songs and I do not sequence existing music into MIDI arrangements.


I have made several attempts to have some sort of 'fixed prizes', so that it was clear and honest for anyone to see how much I would charge. Unfortunately I failed. I find it quite impossible to come up with a concept for this. If I'd charge per minute of music, it would depend on the tempo how much work was to be done. I find charging per manhour of work too inflexible for both parties. So, I can't quite tell you how much I charge.

But I can tell you this. I don't need to feed babies with any money I make, so prices are low. Again, I write music for fun, and if I can make a buck with it that's great so I can buy more equipment. If I had to make a rough estimate, it would be about $10 per half minute of music.

In practice, several songs are involved in a project, and I always have been able to come up with a satisfactory total price for the whole music score. And get this: there have been two occaissons where the employer actually gave me more than what I asked, because my asking price was below the reserved budget! (Yes, i am the worst businessman on earth)

For free?

If you need original music for a non-commercial product than I might opt to compose the music for free as well! Bare in mind that there are few conditions:

  • The product must be 100% non-commercial
  • The people making the non-commercial product may not be paid for doing so.
  • You will not gain ownership or rights of the music
  • I may make music composed for your product available for anyone else to use, much like all the compositions on the 'free music' page. (If you do not want this you can buy exclusive rights).
  • Since I spend a lot of time in composing music, I must be emotionally attracted to the product.
  • I may not have time available.

Contacting instructions

Above all, don't hesitate to write me about anything. I love chatting about projects and the possible role I could have in it. On a more detailed level, I am always interested in the following issues:

  • A brief description of the product the music is for.
  • The type and number of music tracks required.
  • A website address where I can find additional info (if present)
  • The available time to write the music.
  • If applicable, I'd love some screenshots of the game or project.
  • Is the project commercial or non-commercial?
  • How is the project going to be distributed and marketed?
  • Who is involved in the project

You can send this info to my email address and I will respond promptly.

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