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Welcome to IO

IO is a moon of Jupiter and the most vulcanic celestial body in our solar system. It is also my composer alias, just because it sounds cool (and because it stands for Input-Output, which has quite a lot to do with my compositions). My name is really Joris Wittenberg and I compose music. I write music with a combination of MIDI and audio techniques. Currently the focus is still on MIDI based music.

My music is mostly dreamy and of other worlds. I am inspired by nature, the universe and computer games. Apart from my 'own' style, I also take spins at rock, classical and other types of music.

I write music because i like it, but lately I have gotten more involved in offering my services to others. I have written music for website music, postcards, video games, rockband and movie features. This is experience is now part of my approach; I am available for hire and love cooperating with anyone. Finally, you can download many of my music compositions for free and use them for your games, websites, presentations or other applications.

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The 4 black circles in the orange header provide the entry to the 4 main sections. The sections have sub-sections that can be accessed by clicking the circle or using the site-tree below.
  • Music - Showcase of music I have created.
    • Free Music - Some of my compositions in MIDI and audio formats that are free for anyone to use.
    • Projects
      My portfolio with music I composed for several projects.
    • Landscape
      My semi-virtual rockband with real guitars and synthesized percussion and synths.
  • Bio/Gear - Meet the composer
    • Biography - The infamous piece where I write a little bit about myself.
    • Gear - Summary of the equipment I use.
  • Buy CD - CD's with my music or sale.
    • Order - Order form for online purchase.
  • Reference - Contains information if you want to get serious with me or my work.
    • Legal Stuff - Conditions for using my free music.
    • Contracting - Information on hiring me and collaboration opportunities.
    • Contact - How to contact me.
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