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iO is a moon of Jupiter and my composer alias. My music style is leaning heavily towards game and movie music/soundtracks and electronic music. It is dreamy and otherworldy, and I often come back to thematic melodies supported by repeating, hypnotic patterns. I am heavily inspired by sci-fi and the sounds of the eighties.

I started composing music on a ZX spectrum. I have created music for documentaries, movies, bands, games and other projects. I am currently under contract with Cursed Atelier. In the remaining time I also work on my private projects such as 'iO & Thebe' (with real vocals) or just make music for the heck of it.

On this site you can find several examples of my work. Please contact me if you like my music a need a track for your project. I am for hire, and because this isn't my daytime-job, my rates are affordable. There is a contact form on the bottom of this page.


My Music

VoidBound OST

iO Music Creations VoidBound Original Sound Track

CD Staring at Utopia

On this CD I did the keyboards, bass and saxophone, as well as many of the compositions and mixing.

iO & Thebe

What would happen I added real vocals to my music? This.

iO Music Creations iO & Thebe

CD World of ideas

Unpublished, loose ends

CD Exploration

For presentations & documentaries

Some of my older music is available as GM/GS MIDI files.

Heavy, mysterious en thematic

upbeat, plenty of variation

Ninja Power

odd time signatures still flow

Sad piano

Celestial highs

For an RPG game that never was

first 'personal homepage' track

Horror with GM standard sounds, for a Doom mod

The story from raindrop to ocean

Constant but never repeating

For an imaginary action series

could only be named 'Victorious'

water could mean life



You can listen, but you can't use these tracks as they are exclusively licensed to their owners.

Final Countdown

Soundtrack for space shooter game by Miraesoft.

SuperCross Kings Stadium Edition

Motorcross game by The Dawn (Pure Entertainment).

Igor and the Time Machine

Puzzlegame by Elmer Productions.

Joris Wittenberg

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