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Archive 18

Video repairman gets a myserious gig to restore some tapes, and the footage drags him into the supernatural and occult


Not quite

It started of well, with a nice blend of horror and mystery, and I liked how the 'found' footage was alternated with 'real' footage. Unfortunately, it was let down by really unrealistic, strangely behaving and talking characters, a onedimensional lead actress and well, it's failure to become scary.

The Unholy

Fallen journalist accidently stumbles across a woman performing holy miracles in a small town, but how benevolent is she?


Fair story just not exectuted well

The story used as a framework is decent enough, but unfortunately didn't quite take off. Everything is a bit uninspired and doesn't seem to connect well (man dies under a burning cross, everyone just goes to the next scene). So we're left with some lackluster scare jumps and unscary horror.

A Dark Song

Grieving woman isolates hersef with an expert to perform a dark ritual so she may see her diseased son one more time


Elevated and unique horror

I love the concept of how they are real, fallible human beings meticulously trying to get this ritual to work over the course of weeks, getting more frustrated, breakable and delusional in the process. The supernatural elements are subtle and open to interpretation. Fantastic.

Dark City

Man wakes up in a city where the sun never seems to shine, is suspect of murder and he is hunted down by mysterious men


A decent sci-fi-noire puzzler, but without real impact

The blend of film noir, sci-fi and mystery is my cup of tea, and I did enjoy it. But it also felt dated, it never was really scary or intense, and there was something almost childish and artificial about it. It somehow struck me as a clip they play to set the mood for a roller-coaster ride.

The Room

Lisa is about to marry Johnny, but loves his friend Mark instead.


If you can reach the right state of mind, it could be mind blowing

I knew what I was getting into, and was ready for the abysmal to turn into laughter, fascination and/or admiration. But I started to realize you probably need some friends and beers to reach that state, but on my own I wondered why the hell I was doing this to myself.

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