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Blade Runner 2049

A more advanced android hunts down the older models, finding out things he wasn't supposed to along the way


Ladies and gentlemen: a sequel that's better than the original

It's got the same visual style but vastly more beautiful and elaborate. It's got the same synth-music but it is thicker and more intense. It's still a slow mover but more engrossing while doing so. It's got similar story elements but it's deeper. So like, it's better!

Blade Runner: Final Cut

Blade Runner is an agent hunting down hard to spot rogue androids


A classic that is a little too slow for it's own good

A moody and stylish scifi movie that defined the standard for shaping futuristic dark cities and matched it with a great soundtrack. I like how it takes time for everything, including people simply going from A to B, but near the end the slow pacing isn't quite rewarded by the underwhelming climax.

Blair Witch (2016)

Armed with 7 million camera's, a brother sets of to find his sister who disappeard in the cursed woods


The formula is still scary, but you start to look through it

This felt scary but over-familiar, and the realism achieved by the found footage started to feel very unrealistic instead. I mean who the hell carries this many cameras and shoots this much at these insane moment? Kudos though, for some of the actors enacting deep deep fear in the finale.


Soldier and his wife are killed, but he is revived with superpowers so he gets to take revenge


Lacks characters to make it work

With a few layers and twists on offer, the story is more interesting than I feared it would be, and I counted two pretty decent action scenes. But the one dimensional characters, of whom none is really likable, and the borderline B_movie vibe, make it hard to care about any of it.

Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d'Adèle)

Girl becomes lesbian


Beautiful but too long and too slow

You have to admire how the gorgeous lead actrices carry this story with beautifully authentic acting. But everything takes so freaking long in this movie, everything is so spread out that in the end even the intimate love scenes started to bore me.

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