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The Silent Sea

In a water-deprived future, a team flies to the moon to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abondened base


Some baseline enterntainment but full of problems

As a scifi fan I could get some enjoyment out of this, but it wasn't easy. We have another unlikely crew handling everything rather unprofessionally, the dialogue has oodles of 'naaaah' moments, the story felt broken and actress Doona sucks the life out of it with her apathetic and depressing style.

The Night House

After her husband commits suicide, the widow starts to experience strange things in the secluded house he built


A subtle but very satisfying horror

Wow, this really worked for me. The horror elements are subtle and tasteful, the evolving mystery is enticing and the element of grief is mixed in well. But mostly, I was quite stunned with the lead actress, who totally nails it and makes everything work beautifully.

El páramo

Fleeing war, a small family lives in a desolated farm. But there, a myserious entity lurks


Moody and dark

This horror is carried almost exclusively on atmosphere, darkness, a deep sense of desolation and fear within. It is done wonderfully, it looks very moody and is acted well. At around 3 quarters through I felt a slight yearning for some twist or acceleration, but perhaps it is best without it.

Mother / Android

When all butler androids turn roque against mankind, a pregnant woman and friend embark on a journey to a safe place


Good, misses some opportunities

A more than decent survival and motherhood story, but it could have been denser and nerve-wrecking in places. Also, there's a twist near the end that could have been huge, but it's almost like they didn't really follow up on it, and went with a rather swampy emotional ending instead.

The Shawshank Redemption

A banker is send to prison unguilty, where he slowly makes new friends and uses his skills to be going places


Yes it's good (But not that good)

Finally I saw this endlessly lauded movie. I agree that it is good and very gripping. I can't remember a recent movie that I was this much 'into'. But the best movie ever made? Perhaps I am just not that into prison movies, and the idea that only super smart will make it is hardly inspiring, is it?

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