Joris Wittenberg


Hello my name is Joris and I compose music. My main style is cinematic, science fiction soundtracks for movies and games. I also do some sound design/FX. You can hire me for cheap.


Sometime in the previous millenium, I did my first compositions on a ZX spectrum 48K home computer. Creating music has been my greatest hobby and part of my live ever since.

My music style is greatly inspired by thematic music of the eighties, and further shaped by elements of other music that like, including cinematic soundtracks, progressive rock and new-age. The moods breathe an atmosphere of science fiction and emotional scenes, and are suitable for games and movies.

Most of my compostions are done for the love of it, but I also had the honour of composing custom music for clients, for video games, websites and documentaries. For many years I worked under the the name of iO (Music Creations), but nowadays I work under my own name.

I am available for hire. I look forward to hearing about your plans and would be thrilled if my music will be part of it. Composing is not my regular dayjob, so I can afford attractive rates. Feel free to contact me


I reality I have less dots
My music

iO & Thebe

Featuring live vocals by Sandra Smit. And some saxophone. Still adding songs to this.

Staring at Utopia

On this progressive rock album I did bass, keys, saxophone and a lot of compositions and lyrics.

World of Ideas

My second personal album, released under my alias iO.


My first album CD, released under my alias iO.
Work I did for clients

VoidBound OST

I created these for the upcoming game VoidBound, currently under development at Cursed Atelier.

Sound FX & Ambience

I also do soundeffects and ambient sounds. These are also for VoidBound.

For Documentaries and Film

Several 'inconspicuous' background tracks I made for various clients.

Projects in MIDI format

I need to convert this to audio but I am too busy with making new music

Final Countdown

Soundtrack for space shooter game by Miraesoft

Igor and the Time Machine

Puzzlegame by Elmer Productions. Still available.
Some of my first music is available as GM/GS MIDI files. You need a MIDI player to play them.
General MIDI General Standard
Heavy, mysterious en thematic

upbeat, plenty of variation

Ninja Power

odd time signatures still flow

Sad piano

Celestial highs

For an RPG game that never was

first 'personal homepage' track

Horror with GM standard sounds, for a Doom mod

The story from raindrop to ocean

Constant but never repeating

For an imaginary action series

could only be named 'Victorious'

water could mean life